The Midnight Meat Train

The Midnight Meat Train (2008)
★★ / ★★★★

Bradley Cooper has come a long way since I first discovered him in “Alias.” Even though he seems like a pretty boy on the outside, he can effectively play characters that have many sides to them. I also have to give him kudos for not playing the same type of character in his movies. In “The Midnight Meat Train,” directed by Ryûhei Kitamura and based on a short story by Clive Barker, Cooper plays a photographer who one day finds out about a butcher (Vinnie Jones) who kills people on the subway after taking pictures of a woman who was being harrassed by a couple of thugs. Wanting to gather more evidence before he approaches the police, he becomes obsessed with the butcher and his girlfriend (Leslie Bibb) becomes worried about his new personality. This film is especially gory and violent which horror fans will undoubtedly love. What’s even better is that it is quite suspenseful especially that one scene when two people decide to break into the killer’s apartment. I just had a feeling that it would go terribly wrong so I had to watch the film through my fingers. What didn’t work for me, though, was the last fifteen minutes. Instead of being a straight-up horror film, it hybridized with the science fiction realm. I understand that this is based on a short story and I shouldn’t hold the movie responsible for following it. I just needed to mention the fact that it did get ridiculous and I even caught myself rolling my eyes because of the ending. It definitely took away some of that realism regarding being attacked by a butcher on a subway in the most gruesome ways. Still, I’m giving this a slight recommendation despite the mediocre rating because it genuinely thrilled and scared me.

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  1. Just saw this recently…I’m used to seeing Bradley Cooper in comedy type roles like on Kitchen Confidential, Nip/Tuck so it was a bit odd to see him here playing a serious role. I like the ending though – I thought it was going to be a straight out horror flick, but the ending kind of ‘makes sense’ in a way, in figuring out the motives of the butcher. Ending reminds me a bit of ‘The Order’ (with the late Heath Ledger), where the protagonist becomes the villian in the end.

    It was nice playing ‘spot the TV star’ in the show – the film features one of guys from ‘House’ as well as from ‘Desperate Housewives’.

    Some of it is predictable – I kind of knew that Bradley’s character and the girlfriend would survive until at least the end, but all in all, nicely paced, and this made for an entertaining movie.

  2. I didn’t know Bradley Cooper was in “Nip/Tuck.” I only watched up until the two docs decided to move to LA.

    Oh no, I haven’t seen “The Order” yet. Hahaha. It’s cool. I’m still interested in watching it because of Heath Ledger. =]

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