Sex and the City 2

Sex and the City 2 (2010)
★★★ / ★★★★

It’s been two years since the first highly successful “Sex and the City” movie and the same amount of time had passed since Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Big’s (Chris Noth) wedding. Written and directed by Michael Patrick King, the four best friends–Carrie, Samantha (Kim Cattrall), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis)–decided to go to Abu Dhabi for an all-expenses-paid trip because they figured they could use a break from their respective battles regarding career, marriage, having kids, and menopause in New York City. As usual, hilarity and drama ensued when the girls visited bars, talked about sex and faced their problems before heading home. Although not as glamorous as the first (though it certainly did try), I enjoyed this installment because it took us somewhere new, featured a culture other than New York City’s, and there were moments of real sensitivity such as when Miranda and Charlotte talked about their frustrations about work and raising kids. I liked that it didn’t try too hard to top the first movie except for the very cheeky, self-aware, over-the-top gay wedding (with Liza Minnelli singing and dancing to “Single Ladies”) in the first twenty minutes. However, there were some elements that I felt were unnecessary like the appearance of a former lover (John Corbett) that was solely and conveniently designed to make Carrie realize how much she really loved Big and how petty she was for worrying about becoming a “boring couple.” Most of the lessons were pretty obvious (at least to me) but the main reason why I’m a fan is because of the fashion and the glamour. I guess most people don’t realize that the whole thing is supposed to be a farce. I mean, who in their right minds would wear designer clothing in the middle of the desert? It irks me when I read reviews from both critics and audiences concerning the movie’s characters being shallow and the plot being unrealistic. But I guess the joke is on them if they come into the movie expecting the events to reflect real life. For me, “Sex and the City 2” delivered the goods because I got exactly what I signed up for: about two and a half hours to escape my problems and realize how good my life is in comparison. At first glance, these women might be bathing in jewelry, expensive clothes and ridiculously well-designed apartments but they have so much unhappiness in their lives. Sometimes, they even create their own problems in order to make their lives more interesting. As for those who claimed that the movie was politically incorrect, I say it’s nothing new. In fact, the television show flourished because it was exactly that–politically incorrect. “Sex and the City 2” is a good movie to watch with your best gal friends because it’s not just about romantic relationships but also friendship. I just wished that the guys (David Eigenberg, Evan Handler, Jason Lewis) were in it more so we could see things from men’s perspectives from time to time.

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  1. Oh boy … I wish I could have liked this sequel as much as you did. Being a fan of the show and the first film (which I annointed one of the best of 2008), I really tried too. But “Sex and the City 2” was just too much for me. The clothes, which were important in the first film but not overpowering, were the focus, and I hated that. Yeah, I know fashion was critical to the TV series, but it never felt like it overpowered the storylines. Here, it’s all about the clothes, which are so outrageous they look like costumes. I’m sure people much more stylish and much richer than me wear these clothes, but they are so out-there and garish and showy that they make my favorite TV foursome — aside from the Golden Girls, of course — look fake. To me, there wasn’t much reason to make a sequel, and I suppose the director felt the same way and that’s why he makes everything too bright and too colorful and too loud. All the magic from the show and the film, the banter that made me fall in love with the characters, is gone now. And for the sake of the franchise, which I thought had a perfect end with the original film, I hope it stays gone. Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte have had their day.

    • I guess as a person who didn’t watch the show in its entirety (I saw a couple of episodes here and there), it was good enough for me. I saw a lot of reviews from fans of the show and they pretty much had the same issues that you brought up. One of my friends pointed out it was more like a marathon of 5 bad to mediocre episodes. lol. Maybe if I watched the show and was aware of the story arcs, I would’ve been more critical.

  2. I’m with you on this Franz. As a fair weather fan (catching the odd episode on TV) being dragged in to see this I didn’t really want to go. Even though it was just desperately milking a franchise and camped up to the max I kinda enjoyed this. Just left all inhibitions at the door, sat back, switched off and was entertained. Kim Cattrall stole the show for me. “Lawrence of my Labia” was the best line ever.

    • Reading or hearing “Lawrence of my Labia” brings out this silly grin on my face! I loved Samantha… maybe it’s because people think I’m like her the most. What!

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