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  1. You already know we agree on this. Like you, I loved how the flow of the poem was reflected in the mood and rhythm of the film itself, and I totally bought Franco’s Ginsberg, rising from insecure and stiff to a roaring commander of the crowd as the response to his poetic performance art grew. Unlike most other courtroom dramas, I also found that aspect very compelling, not least because it managed to make me think about questions of life and art and freedom of speech, but all while the docu-drama angle saved it from feeling like just a cheaply expositional drama.

    I expanded somewhat on my admiration for Howl in this addendum to the ‘Favorite Movies of 2010’ post:


    • After watching HOWL, I kind of think Franco should be nominated for his performance here instead of 127 HOURS. I mean, he was really good in Boyle’s film, without a doubt, but I feel like in HOWL, he pushed his acting chops that much further.

      I will definitely check out your link when I finally get home. :)

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