The Prince

The Prince (2014)
★★ / ★★★★

Brian A. Miller’s “The Prince” is yet another action-thriller in which a desperate father must rescue his daughter from bad guys, but what makes it a tolerable experience is its insistence in providing background information so that viewers have an appreciation of why violence must occur—to a fault. The screenplay by Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore is so heavy on expository and repetitive dialogue, the first half is a soporific bore, particularly when a character named Angela (Jessica Lowndes), the party-loving best friend of the missing college student, is placed alongside our central protagonist, Paul (Jason Patric), the mechanic with a mysterious past. The majority of their dialogue simply serves to explain the plot—unnecessary given the story’s familiar premise. More interesting is the lo-fi approach to shootouts. It makes the point that violence is ugly and painful, not beautiful or well-choreographed as often shown in polished and expensive action flicks. There is a hint of a superior story, however, when Paul crosses paths with old friend (John Cusack). The two reminisce days gone when they were young killers. There is a calm to their aged faces and bodies which helps to convince us of their once savage natures now suppressed. I would have preferred to experience that movie.

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