I have begun transitioning all of my content to my Letterboxd account:


As a result, will no longer be updated as of March 25, 2021.

I will deactivate by July 1st 2021.

If you have a Letterboxd account, please consider following.

If you do not have a Letterboxd account, I highly recommend it for film fans.

THANK YOU to all the readers and friends I’ve met since 2008.

I’ll see you on Letterboxd.

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  1. But what if Letterboxd goes out of business in the future? Are you backing up your work to a hard drive? It seems to me you have more control over your content here. I just think you’ve built this blog up and it feels like it’s your own, so you don’t want to just give it all up. Is it just too much work to post your reviews here and Letterboxd both?

    • I write all my reviews on my laptop and everything is saved on a portable hard drive every month or so. Everything is backed up so I’m not worried about it.

      The main reason for my decision to shut this down has to do with WordPress. Yesterday, it was forced upon me to use the blocking bullshit that’s so far from user friendly, I gave up. I ain’t got time for that. What’s wrong with using the classic template?

      I was thinking about making a move sooner or later anyway. I get more interactions on Letterboxd and it’s really movie-focused; I like it a lot. I hope you create an account so we can argue there. lol

      It’s so funny because I comment on random reviews once in a while. When you disagree, ESPECIALLY those reviews with the most likes, some get their feelings hurt. Hello? If you’re going to put yourself out there, you had better be prepared to defend your stance. Otherwise, what’s the point? To send your opinion into the void?

      At the same time, not all reviews offer insight. Some are stupid one-liners. But I gotta admit: some of them are entertaining.

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